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5 Nov 2012


Author: SGW Staff | Filed under: Artificial Grass, artificial lawn, Artificial Turf, Pet Turf, Synthetic turf

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Artificial Turf InstallationIt’s an accepted annual transition in nature — but not necessarily one that produces happiness. Who gets happy about their lawn turning brown in winter?

Naturally, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has a solution to turn frowns upside down. Our lawns are warranted to stay beautifully green all year, year after year.

There are no guarantees with natural grass, other than it will require constant upkeep – mowing, watering, fertilizing – and, inevitably, that the lawn is sure to go dormant when the temperature drops. In fact, most seeded or sodded lawns are practically engineered to go brown in winter, even in warmer climates. The grass isn’t necessarily dead, but it certainly looks as if it is.

Be it the cool-season varieties (such as Bluegrass) of the northern United States (which literally freeze and hibernate for up to five months) or warm-season types such as Bermuda, St. Augustine or zoysia, natural grass lawns go dormant in winter. Nature dictates that the tips of the grass blades lose their color; Bermuda and zoysia go brown particularly quickly in winter, while St. Augustine appears irregularly brown and shabby.

Most grasses will regain their color in time, although some will die and need to be replaced by seeding or resodding. And it’s notable that even while dormant, a natural lawn continues to need frequent watering and some nutrients before it’s ready to be green again …

But a SGW-turfed synthetic lawn?

It’s an evergreen grass — colorfast regardless of the calendar or the weather, and retaining all its beauty and performance characteristics even in freezing temperatures. It always looks natural because its pigments are derived from nature; the blend of colors are utterly believable and don’t stand out like a fake Christmas tree. It’s guaranteed not to fade, and its lifelike, immaculate grass fibers don’t turn brown even if a pet “does his business” on the turf. And, of course, this lawn requires none of the everyday maintenance that natural grass demands.

Although … you WILL find some brown grass in some SGW lawns. Intentionally.

You see, some of our newest and best-selling varieties incorporate a brown thatch deep in the turf pile that replicates the “dead grass” look characteristic of many natural grass lawns when they’re at their greenest. It’s such attention to detail in SGW synthetic lawns that makes our customers happy, and keeps their satisfaction from going dormant.

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