Let’s Talk TigerCool

Not all artificial turf is created equally. In a recent Penn State study, the surface temperature of poorly designed, early generation artificial turf fields often exceeded 175 degrees. This is not only uncomfortable but completely unsafe for anyone that plays on those fields.

Through many years of research and development, we have revolutionized the synthetic grass industry. TigerCool yarns have been engineered with advanced U.V. inhibitors and heat reflective color pigments to reduce surface area temperatures. A series of solar panel tests demonstrate that TigerCool technology accurately reduces turf temperatures by 15%!

Our TigerCool products are perfect for any residential, commercial or playground landscape area. All of our products are non-toxic and lead-free, making it a great landscape alternative for any household with children or pets.

This graph below depicts just how TigerCool technology works:

TigerCool technology is featured in our Diamond and Marquee Series.

ASK JW: Turf Fresh

Now that you have synthetic turf, you’re excited for the next chapter of backyard maintenance, where everything is easier and there’s a lot less to worry about. Your pets are playing and they don’t even notice the difference. Everything is fantastic. However, in the summer months, it can be hard to combat the scent of pet urine. With just a regular rinse with the garden hose, you’re simply introducing moisture to combat pet urine. Without the use of pet deodorizing chemicals that are enzyme driven, bacteria will continue to spread and make odors harder to control.


You don’t have to worry, though. There’s Turf Fresh!


This month Ask JW will explain the properties of Pet Urine and how SGW Turf Fresh is the simple solution in keeping Fido’s “place to go”, healthy, fresh and smelling really, really good.’

For more information contact J.W. askjw@sgwcorp.com or call 888.846.3598

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Product Spotlight: Diamond Supreme Spring

Our Diamond Supreme Spring is among the plushest products in our inventory. An approximate pile height of 2.5 inches makes Diamond Supreme Spring a luxurious option for any landscape area. The tall synthetic grass blades are soft to the touch and are designed to replicate a real grass lawn without any tedious maintenance. Diamond Supreme Spring features beautiful shades of field and lime green with a brown thatch. The “W” blade shape acts as a memory foam, making it possible to bounce back to its original state even after moderate levels of foot traffic.

Diamond Supreme Spring includes TigerCool technology that can lower turf temperatures by up to 10 degrees. Backed by a 15-year warranty, we guarantee your new synthetic grass lawn will last you for years to come.

All of our products at SGW are non-toxic, lead-free and durable, creating a safe landscape for children and pets.

Install of the Month: Tri City Synthetic Turf

Californians often resort to planting drought tolerant foliage for their landscapes. Even though the water restrictions have ended, the installation and planting of desert friendly plants and artificial grass has not subsided.

Tri City Synthetic Turf, an artificial grass installation company based out of San Marcos, recently converted 3,150 square feet of Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Everlast’s Sequoia and 320 square feet of TigerTurf’s True Putt for a local homeowner.

“This job was about half turf installation, half landscaping. We included drought tolerant plants and giant stepping stones to break it up and make it more interesting,” Fedor Maus, owner of Tri City Synthetic Turf told us. “She was looking to create a luxury backyard that would still be water wise.”

For the homeowners, creating a landscape that the entire family could enjoy together was extremely important. “They decided on Sequoia because the color and feel of the product is so natural and beautiful,” Maus said. “We find that many homeowners that switch to synthetic turf are doing it for the low maintenance and realism, rather than just saving water.”

Tri City Synthetic Turf was founded in 2007 and pride themselves on being a smaller, more involved company than their competition. “It’s always my goal to leave a customer satisfied with a smile on their face,” Maus told us. “We are really hands on and we stand behind our work 100%. We’re very proud of the products we use and our work ethic.”

Tri City Synthetic Turf is the September 2017 “Install of the Month” winner. Congratulations!

Artificial Turf and Your Kids

When it comes to your little ones running around, it’s important to create a safe and reliable area for them to play freely. Kids require a dependable and durable surface that will allow them to enjoy themselves and fully take advantage of the area around them. A synthetic grass lawn is a great landscape alternative that guarantees your kids safety.

Say goodbye to uneven and patchy areas that require caution and worry. Artificial turf supplies an enjoyable landscape that everyone in the family can enjoy, even your pets!

All of our turf products are kid and pet friendly, non- toxic and lead free! Synthetic Grass Warehouse provides products that are soft, realistic and non-abrasive, creating a safe and dependable play area. Unlike real grass that releases allergens and lacks cushioning, artificial turf rids the fear of your little ones getting injured. With our Diamond and Everglade Series being IPEMA certified, Synthetic Grass Warehouse products provide a dependable play area for your kids. IPEMA testing certifies that each of these products achieve the criteria for G-Max (shock) in addition to the Head Injury Criterion score, which measures the impact severity quantifying the risk of head trauma.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, it is our priority to ensure the safety of your kids with the revolutionary precautions our artificial turf provides.

Install of the Month: Water Wise Grass

After more than five years of drought, California has finally ended their state of emergency. Residents all over the state are celebrating, however water useage is still an ongoing issue for Southern California and homeowners continue to look for solutions. While most would expect demand for artificial grass to decrease with the passing of the drought, it has been exactly the opposite.

Water Wise Grass, an artificial grass installation company based out of San Diego, recently converted 1,200 square feet of Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s TigerTurf Diamond Pro Spring for a local homeowner. Diamond Pro Spring is designed for moderate to heavy traffic, and features TigerCool technology, allowing for a decreased surface temperature of 10 degrees Fahrenheit on sunny days.

“This client reviewed six other turf companies before choosing us,” said Mike Palmer, owner of Water Wise Grass. “They were the most detail oriented clients we’ve worked with, and had a lot of specifics that they wanted to include in their installation. I knew we could deliver on their expectations.” Palmer worked alongside the client to pick the perfect turf product for their needs.

The client was happy with the involvement of Palmer on their project, and mentioned it in their Yelp review of Water Wise Grass. “[Palmer] pointed out several differing products, his pet application processes, and allowed us the details to study up on them. I asked questions and tried to really understand what we were getting in terms of turf product array and pet installation,” they said.

Water Wise Grass was founded in 2014 and is growing steadily. They pride themselves on being a very consultative company, educating consumers about the benefits of turf products. “The selling point for our customers is usually just the knowledge and experience we bring to the table,” Palmer told us. “Homeowners don’t always know what to look for. They might just like the color or how soft it is, but we make certain we provide them with the best product for their needs that will keep them enjoying their lawn for years to come. I treat every client like they’re family.”

Water Wise Grass is our August 2017 “Install of the Month” winner! Congratulations.

Product Spotlight: Diamond Pro Fescue

Our Diamond Pro Fescue is beautifully designed to blend in with any natural environment with its dual-colored blades consisting of olive and field green tones.Diamond Pro Fescue is capable of withstanding moderate to heavy levels of foot traffic, making it ideal for kids and pets to take full advantage of your synthetic grass lawn.

An approximate face weight of 75 ounces and pile height of 1.875 inches creates a beautiful and plush appearance.Diamond Pro Fescue’s drainage system includes a perforated backing that can drain up to 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour. No more worrying about sitting water that attract insects, puddles or muddy paws!

If you’re looking for a low maintenance landscape alternative that will save you time, water and money, Diamond Pro Fescue is the product for you! Backed by our 15 year warranty, we guarantee your synthetic  grass lawn will last you for years to come.

ASK JW: Preventing wrinkles in turf

Some of us are experiencing record high temperatures, and the “Ask JW” Hotline has been ringing off the hook with homeowners and contractors asking “Why is my turf wrinkling”? There are four causes of turf wrinkling, which include improper ballast and infill placement, temperature changes, improper securing of the turf, and poorly manufactured synthetic grass.

There are a few ways to ensure you prevent wrinkling prior to your installation, and it is very important to take note of these steps. Removing the wrinkles can become increasingly more difficult after turf has been placed down for any length of time. No one wants their low maintenance, artificial lawn to become a hassle, so let’s talk more about how you can make sure your clients stay happy and wrinkle free.

For more information contact J.W. askjw@sgwcorp.com or call 888.846.3598

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Ask JW: Is Your Artificial Turf Melting?

Over the decades, synthetic turf has become landscaping’s most popular product to hit the market since the lawnmower. Through research and development, synthetic turf has evolved rapidly, and it’s only getting better. New components that make up the synthetic turf systems have become quality-driven. The backings are produced with a higher quality of textiles and produce strong tuft bind. The coatings that are applied to the backings are more resilient, flexible and can withstand thermal contraction better than before. The yarn that produces the fibers has high tech admixtures that prevent degradation and gives the synthetic turf longer life expectancy.

Window glare, however, and its ability to melt objects and materials has been an ongoing issue for a long time now. Intense heat being transferred through sunlight can cause damage, and sometimes injury. The first step in preventing property from being damaged from Reflective Ultraviolet Rays is to find out if you are a candidate or not. This month ASK JW will help you understand the issues that arise from reflective heat and how you can prevent any future damage to your synthetic turf, furniture, toys and surrounding materials and objects.

For more information contact J.W. askjw@sgwcorp.com or call 888.846.3598

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SGW’s Pet Photo Contest! – Winners!


Our first official #PetPhotoContest has finally come to a close. Thank you all so much for sending in your photos. We have enjoyed every second of this campaign and loved seeing all your beautiful pets enjoying artificial grass!

As with all contests, we do have to pick our winners, so here is our final puppy lineup:




Installation by: Save Pro Turf



Installation by: GL Landscaping



Installation by: Xeroscapes


Congratulations to all three of our winners!


We will be sending out emails to all three winners so we can mail out your prizes. If you do not receive an email, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook to make sure we have the correct contact information.

Again, thank you for participating in our contest. We hope you had a great time hanging out with your pets this summer! Feel free to send us photos of your pets anytime through our social media channels. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!