Product Spotlight: Majestic Pro

Synthetic Grass Warehouse features TigerTurf Majestic Pro. Our Majestic series is perfect for moderate to heavy foot traffic levels. With an approximate face weight of 75 ounces, Majestic Pro is a great fit for families with active children and pets! The durability Majestic Pro provides will allow homeowners to take advantage of their new artificial grass lawn without the worry of damage from overuse.

With dual shades of field and olive green grass blades, Majestic Pro blends in beautifully with any natural environment and will appeal to any homeowner who wishes to have a plush green lawn! A pile height of 1.75 inches creates a soft and lavish synthetic grass landscape.

All of our products here at Synthetic Grass Warehouse are non-toxic, lead-free and backed by our 15-year warranty. Artificial turf is a safe, durable and luxurious landscape alternative that will last for years to come. Majestic Pro provides homes with a charming allure that will give any homeowner the satisfaction of having a perfectly groomed lawn all year long!

Artificial Grass is “Growing” in Popularity

Artificial turf has grown tremendously through decades of innovation and state of the art design.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse has developed into the largest distributor of synthetic grass in North America. We have been capable of providing our clients with the best products in the synthetic grass industry. The evolution of artificial turf has dramatically expanded through years of trial and error.

In the past 5 years alone, synthetic grass companies have grown at astronomical rates. Homeowners have been searching for other landscaping alternatives that are capable of providing them with low maintenance alternatives and aid in water consumption levels. Synthetic grass creates practicality, appeal, and comfort to any home or business.

Our direct partnership with Tencate, the world’s leading yarn manufacturer, allows us to supply you with the highest quality, longest lasting, most realistic artificial turf products in the industry. Through years of developmental research, Tencate has mastered the art of synthetic grass yarn advancement, allowing us to supply the most durable and technologically advanced artificial turf products.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we pride ourselves on customer service, ensuring that you receive the utmost knowledge about each and every product we carry.

Install of the Month: SmartGrass

With today’s synthetic turf products featuring grass blades that contain multiple shades green and brown, we are now able to offer turf products that look just as real as any natural grass lawn. Because of this, more homeowners are making the switch. Even early adopters are upgrading to newer versions of artificial grass to take advantage of the improved realism.

Craig Voyton, owner of SmartGrass, noticed this to be a recurring trend in his 15 years in the turf industry. “Homeowners switch to turf because of the aesthetics. They want the perfect, natural grass look, but don’t want the maintenance responsibilities that go along with it,” he told us. “The best selling products are the ones that are going to hold up, have great color, and work well with pets or kids.”

SmartGrass recently installed 1,200 square feet of Diamond Pro Fescue and 250 square feet of Poly Putt 2-Tone in this Rancho Palos Verdes tiered yard. Diamond Pro Fescue features dual shades of field and olive green tones complimented by a brown thatch for added realism. Poly Putt 2-Tone 15’ is the natural progression of putting green turf which has been tested to closely replicate professional putting greens.

Voyton believes that the progression of grass and its popularity happened simply because of the timing. “First we had the drought in California which was followed closely by the government rebates and benefits for switching,” he says. “After a while, people want their green lawn back and the installers and homeowners are demanding more aesthetically pleasing products.” Voyton saw numbers really start to go up approximately 8 years ago when turf changed and became a more advanced product.

“I get clients from 8-10 years ago calling us and asking for an upgrade and we’re happy to help,” Voyton says. “The switch is done much easier and at a lower cost to the homeowner because the foundation is already done from the previous turf installation.” Business is always growing for SmartGrass and they don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

SmartGrass has been in business for over 15 years and has installed more than 6,000 artificial grass projects. Their long-standing business has allowed them to do many installs for dog rescues, Veteran groups, and celebrities. With over 100 Yelp reviews and a 5 star rating, Smart grass takes pride in their customer service and their products. SmartGrass is also not limited to the California area. They send crews to a variety of states including Nevada, Arizona, and the east coast.

Smart Grass is our November 2017 “Install of the Month” winner.

Ask JW: AirDrain

For over twenty years Joe Wadkins has witnessed the evolution of the synthetic turf industry. Every year new products and accessories are being born to enhance the performance and variety of its use. Not only has synthetic turf changed, but underlayments, shock pads, and drainage grids are becoming the “much needed” trend in completing systems that are now designed for multi-use.

It is strongly recommended that a drainage grid be placed under Pet Relief areas, Rooftops, Balconies, and Playgrounds where aeration and permeation is needed. This month, we are talking about AirDrain and how it can help circulate air and water through your turf products. 

For more information contact J.W. or call 888.846.3598

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Why Choose Artificial Grass?

Artificial turf installations are becoming the new norm across the U.S. and it’s easy to see why – synthetic grass makes life a lot easier due to its low maintenance, not to mention its numerous environmental benefits.

A synthetic grass lawn gives you the low-maintenance, green plush lawn you’ve always wanted! Synthetic grass is used for landscapes, yards, pet runs, golf fringe, commercial property, playgrounds and so much more. It is estimated that almost 50 percent of the water used for outdoor use is wasted. It is important to use different landscape options that will help water conservation efforts and decrease water consumption levels nationwide. Synthetic grass not only saves billions of gallons of water per year, it helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. No more emitting toxic chemicals into the atmosphere by using costly and noisy lawn equipment!

All of our products at Synthetic Grass Warehouse are safe, non-toxic and lead-free. It is our priority to provide you with the best customer service and synthetic grass products in the industry. Our artificial turf will create a beautiful and safe environment for your family and pets. Don’t let the economic challenges of maintaining a real grass lawn burden you for any longer!

ASK JW: The Importance of Compaction

Many synthetic turf installations have depressed areas due to improper use of materials, poor compaction, bad repairs and irrigation problems. It is very important that grading materials placed underneath artificial grass are of quality, and that compaction rate reach approximately 80 percent. Compaction is accomplished by vibrating, tamping and rolling the sub-base materials. This establishes a solid base in which to drive the nails while installing the turf. Compaction of subgrade materials is crucial to a successful installation. If the underlying materials are not compacted, the synthetic turf installation will degrade quickly to foot traffic, water intrusion, wear and tear.

“Your synthetic turf installation is only as good as your subgrade”… JW

This month, Ask JW will dive deep into the subject of “Compaction” and show you that ALL synthetic turf installations, whether it be very small or extremely large needs proper compaction.

For more information contact J.W. or call 888.846.3598

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Product Spotlight: Marquee Pro Natural

Our Marquee Pro Natural is one of the top choices amongst our certified landscapers. With beautiful diamond shaped delustered blades featuring field green and lime green color combinations, this product is perfect for any residence, school or business.

With an approximate pile height of 1.875 inches, Marquee Pro Natural is one of the tallest and most luxurious products in our inventory. Accompanied with a brown thatch, this product’s realism is unmatched. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we enable our installers and homeowners to have the dream lawn they’ve always wanted by using only the best materials.

Marquee Pro Natural is installed in many lawns across the U.S., and homeowners wish they installed their artificial turf lawns sooner. From home landscapes to sports fields, Synthetic Grass Warehouse offers a pristine and reliable surface that any homeowner or athlete can appreciate. Mowing is a thing of the past, and every single one of our artificial turf products will allow you to have the amazing lawn you’ve always wished for.

Install of the Month: WinterGreen Synthetic Grass

When it comes to artificial grass, many reluctant homeowners worry about only one thing – whether or not it looks artificial. Everyone wants their lawn to look and feel real, but they don’t want the maintenance or irrigation needs that go along with a lawn.    

WinterGreen Synthetic Grass owner, Winter Moore, saw things differently. “When I came across artificial grass for the first time, I thought it was a brilliant idea,” Moore told us. “Homes are popping up with artificial lawns all the time and when one person has it, everyone has to have it.”

WinterGreen Synthetic Grass, an artificial grass installation company based out of Texas, recently converted 3,400 square feet of natural grass with Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Diamond Light Spring for a home located within the Vaquero Country Club.

This installation within the country club was a great way to further promote the growing popularity of turf. The curiosity of passing residents has made this the third installation by WinterGreen Synthetic Grass inside the community, with two more in queue. “This is the domino effect. We’re just going to see more people making the switch as they realize synthetic grass isn’t as fake as they thought,” Moore says.

Since seeing is believing, Moore has decided to pour additional resources into the photography and videography side of his marketing. WinterGreen Synthetic Grass teamed up with a local drone operator to take aerial photo and video for the company. Moore says, “We know our installations are top quality and we want to make sure our potential customers can see how good and real it looks while they imagine possibilities for their own space.”   

WinterGreen Synthetic Grass has been in business for over 3 years and services the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. They are frequently featured in Fort Worth magazine and recently did work for the Dallas Stars hockey team.

WinterGreen Synthetic Grass is the October 2017 “Install of the Month” winner.

Let’s Talk TigerCool

Not all artificial turf is created equally. In a recent Penn State study, the surface temperature of poorly designed, early generation artificial turf fields often exceeded 175 degrees. This is not only uncomfortable but completely unsafe for anyone that plays on those fields.

Through many years of research and development, we have revolutionized the synthetic grass industry. TigerCool yarns have been engineered with advanced U.V. inhibitors and heat reflective color pigments to reduce surface area temperatures. A series of solar panel tests demonstrate that TigerCool technology accurately reduces turf temperatures by 15%!

Our TigerCool products are perfect for any residential, commercial or playground landscape area. All of our products are non-toxic and lead-free, making it a great landscape alternative for any household with children or pets.

This graph below depicts just how TigerCool technology works:

TigerCool technology is featured in our Diamond and Marquee Series.

ASK JW: Turf Fresh

Now that you have synthetic turf, you’re excited for the next chapter of backyard maintenance, where everything is easier and there’s a lot less to worry about. Your pets are playing and they don’t even notice the difference. Everything is fantastic. However, in the summer months, it can be hard to combat the scent of pet urine. With just a regular rinse with the garden hose, you’re simply introducing moisture to combat pet urine. Without the use of pet deodorizing chemicals that are enzyme driven, bacteria will continue to spread and make odors harder to control.


You don’t have to worry, though. There’s Turf Fresh!


This month Ask JW will explain the properties of Pet Urine and how SGW Turf Fresh is the simple solution in keeping Fido’s “place to go”, healthy, fresh and smelling really, really good.’

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