Ask JW: Is Your Artificial Turf Melting?

Over the decades, synthetic turf has become landscaping’s most popular product to hit the market since the lawnmower. Through research and development, synthetic turf has evolved rapidly, and it’s only getting better. New components that make up the synthetic turf systems have become quality-driven. The backings are produced with a higher quality of textiles and produce strong tuft bind. The coatings that are applied to the backings are more resilient, flexible and can withstand thermal contraction better than before. The yarn that produces the fibers has high tech admixtures that prevent degradation and gives the synthetic turf longer life expectancy.

Window glare, however, and its ability to melt objects and materials has been an ongoing issue for a long time now. Intense heat being transferred through sunlight can cause damage, and sometimes injury. The first step in preventing property from being damaged from Reflective Ultraviolet Rays is to find out if you are a candidate or not. This month ASK JW will help you understand the issues that arise from reflective heat and how you can prevent any future damage to your synthetic turf, furniture, toys and surrounding materials and objects.

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SGW’s Pet Photo Contest! – Winners!


Our first official #PetPhotoContest has finally come to a close. Thank you all so much for sending in your photos. We have enjoyed every second of this campaign and loved seeing all your beautiful pets enjoying artificial grass!

As with all contests, we do have to pick our winners, so here is our final puppy lineup:




Installation by: Save Pro Turf



Installation by: GL Landscaping



Installation by: Xeroscapes


Congratulations to all three of our winners!


We will be sending out emails to all three winners so we can mail out your prizes. If you do not receive an email, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook to make sure we have the correct contact information.

Again, thank you for participating in our contest. We hope you had a great time hanging out with your pets this summer! Feel free to send us photos of your pets anytime through our social media channels. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Product Spotlight: Diamond Pro Spring

If you’re looking for a beautiful and sturdy turf that looks exquisitely realistic, Diamond Pro Spring is the perfect choice! With vibrant lime and field green yarn combinations complemented with a brown thatch, Diamond Pro Spring blends in beautifully with any natural surrounding environment. With a face weight of 75 ounces and pile height of 1 7/8”, this artificial turf is ideal for any moderate or heavy foot traffic. It’s great for kids and pets to play and run around on without the worry of ruining your lawn!

Diamond Pro Spring has an exceptional drainage rate of about 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour. Say goodbye to messy puddles and muddy shoe or paw prints all over the house. As one of the best turf lines in our inventory, Diamond Pro Spring will provide you with a gorgeous and long-lasting lawn that needs minimal maintenance. No more releasing harmful toxins into the air or wasting away water by mowing and using irrigation systems. Switching to an artificial grass lawn allows you to save time, money and water!

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, all our turf products are backed up by a 15-year warranty. We guarantee that your artificial turf will provide a safe and beautiful landscape that will last for years to come.

Artificial Turf for Sports

One of many reasons artificial grass is such a great alternative landscape is its versatility and its ability to withstand any amount of foot traffic without the wear and tear. Artificial turf is used for many different landscape areas including, residential, commercial, playgrounds, golf courses, and sports fields.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we have products that cater to all applications. Specifically for sports fields, we suggest our amazing TigerTurf MultiPlay Sport. If you are looking for a turf that is durable enough for any weather condition, this turf option is for you!

MultiPlay Sport features dual olive and field green grass blade color combinations for an added natural appearance. A 1.5” pile height provides a perfect height for any and all sports fields, so athletes have no worry of injury that can result from playing on unleveled fields. TigerTurf Multiplay Sport was specifically designed for sports fields and agility training surfaces to enhance recovery, so your turf will handle any level of play.

The latest in tuft bind technology ensures that your turf will stay secure and durable through any amount of foot traffic. TigerTurf Multiplay guarantees that the game will go on, rain or shine! With a perforated backing, this turf will drain at a rate of approximately 30+ inches of rain per square foot per hour.  Multiplay Sport is lead-free with no harmful environmental effects so that your teammates can stay safe on and off the field.

Install of the Month: Paradise Greens – Arizona

As the summer heatwave hits the United States, many desert landscape communities are switching to artificial turf. Over the past couple years, the primary driving factors for homeowners was the conservation of water and the aesthetic of a realistic, evergreen lawn. Now, the switch to artificial grass is being propelled by its propensity for being low maintenance, and pet-friendly.


Our July 2017 “Install of the Month” winner, Paradise Greens recently installed 13,000 square feet of Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Everglade Spring Pro for a Phoenix resident, and also 1,800 square feet of True Putt in their backyard. Everglade Spring Pro allows for moderate to heavy traffic, and is pet-friendly with its perforated backing, allowing for urine and liquids to drain. For putting, True Putt features slit film polypropylene grass blades for fast green speeds.


“The clients were very focused on getting a turf product that was going to work for their 4 dogs,” Charlie Ferer, owner of Paradise Greens, said. “Since the dogs varied in size, we wanted to accommodate and find a product that was going to withstand that kind of traffic.” While their dogs ran around the yard, the father and son still wanted a place to practice their short game, so Paradise Greens sent out a designer to make it happen. “They wanted their green to have straight putt ability as well as a break, so we worked with them to create the perfect practice space,” Ferer explained.  


Paradise Greens was founded in 2005, and pride themselves in their 100% USA manufactured turf and quality customer service. Their installation crew has been together for over eleven years and has received many awards, including “Best Putting Green Designer”, as well as the “Super Service Award”. They are the certified installer for all Costco stores throughout Maricopa, as well as 22 Home Depot locations. The Paradise Greens installation portfolio also includes work with some big resorts throughout Arizona, including the Marriott Camelback Resort and Spa, the Hyatt Gainey Ranch, and The Phoenician.


Professional Maintenance Guide

Synthetic turf is as maintenance free as maintenance free gets. There is no doubt Synthetic turf saves money and time, especially when it takes a lot of work to create a plush, ever green lawn. Contractors that maintain commercial projects need to understand the “Do’s and Don’ts” when maintaining synthetic turf. Below are my recommendations when maintaining commercial synthetic turf installations.


Extensive foot traffic over a period of time may cause seam rupture. It is advantageous that all seems be inspected and repaired if needed.

Removal of debris

The easiest and fastest way to remove debris from synthetic turf is using a leaf blower. I recommend blowing all of the debris to one side then removing.

Power Broom

Powerbrooming the synthetic turf fibers removes contaminates and smaller debris such as cigarette butts, pine needles, small rocks etc. on the turf. Do not over fibrillate the fibers. This will reduce its longevity.

Infill replacement

Long periods of wear and tear will cause the infill to “walk off”. This means that the infill either is removed by high winds, foot traffic and excessive maintenance. It is best to keep the depth of the infill maintained as per manufactures recommendations.

Disinfecting / Application of Enzyme Deodorizer (optional)

I recommend using an SGW enzyme deodorizer to clean and rid any bacteria that may be present from spills, pet feces, blood, urine or vomit. Prior to using, wet down the synthetic turf so that the enzyme deodorizer will be able to get to the bottom of the fibers without drying out from hot weather conditions.

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SGW’s Pet Photo Contest!

Can you believe that summer is just around the corner? The weather is getting nicer and the barbecues are kicking off. To celebrate the new season, everyone here at SGW wanted to do something fun that would encourage everyone to go out and enjoy their own artificial turf.

We bounced some ideas around and decided to start up our very first


For this contest, we want to see your pets enjoying the artificial grass you’ve put into your home, business, playground, dog park, or wherever you’ve decided to install your turf.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Take a photo of your dog, cat, or any other pet enjoying artificial turf products.
  2. Follow/Like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. Submit your photo IN ANY OF THE FOLLOWING WAYS: Posting it to our Facebook wall, tagging us in your post on Instagram (@sgwcorp), tweeting us (@sgwcorp) with the #sgwpetcontest, OR uploading it on the blog post using the form below.

Whether you’re a homeowner or installer, your photos are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to tell your clients and past clients as well! You can download an emailable promo card for the contest on our blog if you want to send it to clients.


And of course, what fun would a contest be if there wasn’t a little healthy competition? THERE ARE PRIZES! We will pick our top 3 favorite pet photos and ALL THREE will be winners.

3rd Place will win a $20 gift card to PetCo.
2nd Place will win a $50 gift card to PetCo.
1st Place will win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Photos will be judged on your level of fun and creativity so put your best paw forward. The contest starts RIGHT NOW, June 13th, and will be open for submissions every day until July 4th at 7 PM Pacific Standard Time. Our winners and their photos will be announced on all of our social platforms as well as July’s newsletter the following week. We will also be contacting the winners directly.

We hope you all have fun with this contest and enjoy spending time with all your furry family members. Happy photographing and good luck!

Must be 18 or over to enter. Multiple submissions are welcome. Photos submitted will likely be used in our promotional material including brochures, social media, and in-house visual content. By submitting your photo, you acknowledge that your photo may be used for marketing purposes and are giving Synthetic Grass Warehouse the permission to do so.


Submit your photo!

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    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf.
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Install of the Month: Arizona Luxury Lawns

The artificial turf industry has been hard at work refining artificial grass products to replicate the look and feel of natural grass. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed by homeowners throughout Paradise Valley, Arizona. In fact, many families continue to swap out their natural lawns for artificial grass to enhance the look of their yards.

Our June 2017 “Install of the Month” winner, Arizona Luxury Lawns & Greens, recently installed 1,100 square feet of Diamond Pro Spring and 500 square feet of True Putt in this Arizona backyard. Diamond Pro Spring is best used for moderate to heavy traffic areas, and uses field and lime green grass blades paired with a brown thatch layer for added realism. True Putt is a high quality putting green product that features high green speeds which allows your golf ball to react at PGA level.

The clients, a couple who entertain guests on a regular basis, wanted a yard to look inviting and alive even in the midst of the desert Arizona climate. “It is very hard to keep your lawn green here and it costs a lot of money,” Chris Harlien, owner of Arizona Luxury Lawns told us. “Most homeowners will give into the climate and just let the grass die, but with the turf products continuously getting more realistic, neighbors see what’s happening next door and want it for themselves.”

Harlien is very familiar with the neighborhood – the street consists of six homes and Arizona Luxury Lawns has installed artificial grass in all of them. “40% of our business comes from referrals, so we work very hard to ensure we’ve exceeded our client’s expectations on every project. We have a strict open door policy with our clients and we have over 300 five star reviews across multiple platforms because of it.”

Arizona Luxury Lawns was founded in 2007 when they saw that turf as a great option for Arizona’s desert environment. They are a 100% family owned and operated business who dedicates all their energy to their customers. “We live and die by our reputation and we know it speaks for itself,” says Harlien. They proudly hold the title of 6 time Angie’s List Super Service Winner, A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau, and the Best of Scottsdale Award for the last 3 years.


Understanding Dye Lot in Synthetic Turf

Variations in color or texture between dye lots are highly possible in the manufacturing of synthetic turf. A dye lot is a record taken during the dyeing of yarn to identify yarn that received its coloration in the same vat at the same time. Yarn manufacturers assign each lot a unique identification number and stamp it on the label before shipping. When installing multiple sections of synthetic turf, all sections MUST BE OF THE SAME DYE LOT, or you will have non-matching color variations.

Prior to ordering multiple rolls for one installation, it is advantageous to let your supplier know that you will need every connecting roll that is ordered to be made with the same dye lot. Even though manufacturers come very close with every extrusion, it is merely impossible for separate runs to be an exact match.

This month, ASK JW will help you understand the importance of dye lots and how it can affect the appearance of your installation.

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Product Spotlight: Everlast Pet Turf

Our Everlast Pet Turf is a great option for any and all pet installation projects! With a pile height of 1” and approximate 60 ounce face weight, Everlast Pet Turf provides a low maintenance and safe landscape alternative for any residential install.

Traffic levels ranging from moderate to heavy are perfect for Everlast Pet Turf, as it is highly durable and capable of withstanding any rough play from pets of all shapes and sizes. Olive green and field green yarns blend in with any environment and an added brown thatch creates an even more realistic appearance.

Like all of our products at Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Everlast Pet Turf features a perforated backing that can drain up to 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour – no need to worry about puddles or muddy paws all over your house!  Backed by a 15 year warranty, Everlast Pet is guaranteed to last for years to come.