Artificial Grass: Past, Present, and Future

The synthetic grass industry began as a solution to help improve inner city youth’s physical fitness during the 1950’s.

Strong proponents of artificial grass were The Ford Foundation’s Education Facilities Laboratory in conjunction with Monsanto Industries and Chemstrand. From 1962 …

El Niño Falls Short

Many Southern California residents have been wondering what all the fuss is with El Nino forecasts. While El Nino has helped with our drought, it’s clear that we still fell far short of the predictions that it would be a

The Drought Continues

Freeways are surrounded by “Serious Drought Help Save Water” billboards that aid in reminding us that we are in need of drastic water conservation efforts.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Receives Congressional Recognition

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez toured the Synthetic Grass Warehouse headquarters in Anaheim, Calif. September 22nd, 2015…

California Drought Facts


SGW Celebrates Their 10 Year Anniversary!

Today, on what marks Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s tenth anniversary, we would like to renew and reinforce our commitment to our clients, the industry, and its prospective future. When we began SGW, we recognized that the synthetic grass industry pertaining to …