Synthetic Grass Warehouse welcomes a beautiful new addition to our Everlast collection. With a uniquely designed custom blade perfect for moderate to heavy traffic levels, Everlast Cascade is a highly rated and exceptional landscape alternative. Field and olive green grass colored blades with an added brown thatch layer create the  exceptional realism that we all aim to achieve in our homes, schools and commercial properties. An approximate pile height of 1.75 inches allows for the plush look and feel of a natural grass lawn!

Everlast Cascade is non-toxic, lead free and sold exclusively through Synthetic Grass Warehouse.

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Why Durafill?

Durafill has been a trusted infill product of Synthetic Grass Warehouse for nearly a decade! Durafill is known throughout the industry as the latest in infill technology – which we have proven year after year.   Durafill is a rounded, highly durable, acrylic-coated sand with unique features designed specifically for turf systems. This product is a vital component for every synthetic grass installation.

Pets – The coating of Durafill is infused with Microban®, an antimicrobial technology that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. This technology prevents bacteria from breaking down pet urine into ammonia, leaving infill smelling fresher.  The coating is NON-ABSORBENT, keeping unwanted liquids – like urine – out of the product.

  • Kids – Durafill and Microban provides peace of mind for parents, schools, and caregivers. This highly durable, acrylic-coated sand helps moderate turf temperatures – keeping your turf enjoyable on those extra sunny days. Durafill is very round, and will not compact over time.  A playground surface with Durafill has better cushion qualities, especially when combined with a shock pad.
  • Putting greens – Durafill provides a realistic ball-to-surface interaction and best of all, it falls right into the turf, making installation a breeze. Because of its unique shape, Durafill will not compress – keeping your green speeds fast and consistent. Green and black colors are available to blend seamlessly into your turf.
  • Environment – Durafill is California Prop 65 Exempt and is labeled by the state as a non-hazardous product.  No silica dust, no off gassing or leaching of chemicals into the environment!
  • Cost – Durafill will save you time and money. There is little to no upkeep, even in pet applications.  Replenishing or chemicals to maintain its effectiveness are not required. Durafill works around the clock, 365/24/7, so you don’t have to.  This product is designed to be reused and last at least two turf life cycles.
  • Durability –  Durafill is extremely durable and will not flake, dust or powder, even in high traffic areas such as playgrounds or sports fields.  This is why it’s equipped with a 16 year warranty!

With Durafill, your synthetic grass will stay clean and beautiful for years to come!


Turf Fresh

Our new and improved Turf Fresh features an organic prevention treatment that eliminates all pet odors caused by urine and feces. With an intense level of enzyme concentration, our Turf Fresh is better and stronger than ever!

Since Turf Fresh is all natural, it adds to the benefit of being safe and non-toxic to animals or children. Turf Fresh is perfect to use on any turf application. The active bacteria formula leaves the turf sanitary and fresh smelling, allowing your family and pets to enjoy playtime for years to come!


Nylon Putt 2-Tone

Work on your short game from the comfort of your own home with our Everlast Nylon Putt 2-Tone! This product features textured nylon material and showcases vibrant field and lime green color combinations, which will blend perfectly with any natural setting.

Customizing your own personal putting green has never been easier. The Nylon Putt 2-Tone comes 12’ wide and will be altered to any length you desire. Its thick textured grass blades contain UV inhibitors, ensuring that your putting green will never fade and lose its vibrant color!  

At SGW, we take pride in supplying our customers with the highest quality synthetic grass and putting grass products. The Nylon Putt 2-Tone will replicate the putting green you have always wanted!

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Product Spotlight: The Sierras

Synthetic Grass Warehouse welcomes our new line of Sierras! Our Sierra 55 and Sierra 74 are the newest edition to our extensive inventory. These turf products feature combinations of field and lime green grass blades creating a vibrant and realistic looking lawn. Perfect for any landscape area, our “S” blade allows for medium to high levels of durability, making it ideal for active households or commercial properties that desire a uniform landscape. This line will have you guessing whether it is a real or synthetic grass lawn!


Product Spotlight: Riviera Pro

The beautiful and durable Everlast Riviera Pro is among the most versatile turfs in our inventory. Riviera Pro features an impressive extruded “M” fiber that allows for medium to high levels of foot traffic, perfect for any active household! With an approximate 75 ounce face weight, Riviera Pro is an ideal choice for any backyard, front yard, play area, dog run, or commercial property.

Sold exclusively through Synthetic Grass Warehouse, this turf will exceed all expectations. Each grass blade is equipped with U.V. inhibitors and triple reinforced into the backing through tuft bind technology. A 1.75” pile height also adds a plush appearance to any landscape emulating a natural grass lawn.

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Product Spotlight: Tiger Pet Turf

Our TigerTurf Pet Turf is one of the highest quality pet system products in North America. TigerTurf Pet features a 1” inch blade height with a sturdy 60 ounce face weight. These features allow for high durability levels and like our other products, Pet Turf is non-toxic and lead free, which makes this the perfect option for your pets and kids.

With our top of the line Pet Turf, your worries about brown spots on your lawn and muddy paws in your house are over! Our synthetic grass is equipped with U.V. inhibitors, which will ensure your turf will not fade for years to come. In addition, our Pet Turf features a perforated backing so all liquids can easily drain through, which allows for easily clean up after your pets.


Product Spotlight: Ultimate Pad

Our newest safety accessory has arrived: the Ultimate Pad. It is a thin (7/16”) cushioning pad placed underneath any synthetic grass install. One of the main safety benefits of the Ultimate Pad is that it reduces the GMAX and Head Injury Criterion (HIC) numbers, which makes it ideal for kids of all ages. Safety is the Ultimate Pad’s ultimate goal!

The Ultimate Pad has superior drainage, which allows the water to drain both vertically and horizontally with up to 80 inches per hour. If you have pets or live in an area where rain is prominent, the Ultimate Pad would be a great choice for you. The Ultimate Pad is easy to install and lightweight, which makes the installation process a breeze.


Product Spotlight: Nature’s Blend

One of the most realistic and natural appearing products in our inventory is Nature’s Blend. This turf features triple color grass blades: field green, lime green and brown colors tones. This makes Nature’s Blend fit perfectly with any outdoor setting. Nature’s Blend also features a 2 inch pile height with varying blade lengths to add to its unprecedented realism.

With face weight of approximately 60 ounces, Nature’s Blend is ideal for light to moderate traffic areas, making it perfect for most front lawns and landscape areas. Nature’s Blend is a truly beautiful synthetic grass product that can completely replace any natural grass lawn.

Nature’s Blend is also safe for kids and pets! All of our products here at Synthetic Grass Warehouse are certified non-toxic, lead free, and comes with our industry leading 15 year warranty.


Product Spotlight: Majestic Pro Brown Thatch

If you’re looking for a synthetic grass solution built for heavy usage, Majestic Pro Brown Thatch is your ideal choice!

With an approximate 80 ounce face weight and 1.75” pile height, the Majestic Pro Brown Thatch line is one of our most durable and realistic products at SGW. Vibrant dual field and olive green yarn color tones paired with a brown thatch produces an exceptionally realistic appearance, virtually indistinguishable from real grass. The model also features a diamond de-lustered grass blade shape, creating a soft plush feel and exceptional realism that will last for years to come. Majestic Pro Brown Thatch is ideal and safe for children and pets, and like all of our products, certified non-toxic, lead free, and comes with our industry leading 15 year warranty.