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Dedicated Support Staff

You will hear us saying it a lot, but it’s true: the only thing better than our turf is our service. That’s because artificial grass installations companies can count on the SGW team to provide them with everything needed to complete a project and impress their clients. From our workers in the warehouse, to customer service, sales, and management–you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Receive Actionable Leads Through Our Nationwide Marketing

Install our turf and become a part of our nationwide installer database. Synthetic Grass Warehouse will refer your company to people in your area that are interested in installing artificial grass. We do our part to ensure that your company receives a steady stream of leads. After all, the success of our affiliates is what makes us a successful company. Become a part of our team watch your business grow.

  • Most Realistic Turf in the Industry!

    Synthetic Grass Warehouse carries the most realistic synthetic turf available in the industry. Every product is carefully engineered to replicate the look and feel of  natural grass. This is achieved by using the perfect combination of durable fibers, vibrant colors, lifelike shades, and  advanced yarns. Even up close it’s hard to tell the difference between our turf and real grass. Your customers will love having a lawn that stays green all year round with minimal watering and absolutely no mowing. Become a part of the team and let them see and feel the Synthetic Grass Warehouse difference for yourself!

  • The Durability is Unmatched.

    What’s the point of having a beautiful grass landscape if you can’t use it? Synthetic Grass Warehouse  understands the importance of having a functional lawn that can withstand harsh elements. That’s why we carry durable products that are engineered to handle heavy foot traffic, high heat, and frigid temperatures. Do your customers have pets? No problem, our grass is safe for pets and can hold it’s own when it comes to fido’s large paws. All of our products are subject to high quality standards and are  built to last ensuring that your customers are happy.

  • Nothing Drains Better than SGW Turf.

    Proper drainage is an important factor when installing grass. Without it, heavy rains can lead to flooding while pet potty can leave a lingering odor. That’s why Synthetic Grass Warehouse supplies installers with Draincore technology to ensure that water and other liquids can flow through the backing.  Draincore  increases the water flow significantly as compared to stone drain systems or metal pipes. It’s an easy-to-install system that offers your customers long term peace of mind.

  • 15 Year Limited Warranty

    Synthetic Grass Warehouse offers your customers peace of mind with our 15 year limited warranty. We take pride in every product we sell and work to ensure that our turf will stay green and endure numerous cocktail parties, barbeques, outdoor events, and extreme weather. It’s our goal to provide your customers with a worry-free environment.

How to Install Artificial Grass